How can I adjust my account settings?

Account settings
You can access your account settings in the merchant portal main menu dropdown. There, you can access the information in your business and user profiles. And, if you're an account admin, you can add new users or edit existing users.




Account settings: Merchant information
Moved office locations or changed your email address? Make sure you’re getting our notifications and communications so you don’t miss out on any new resources, offers, or announcements! In ‘Account settings’, you can edit your business profile to reflect a new business address and email.


Account settings: User information
You can also edit the information in your user profile.


Account settings: User management
Need to add another user to the merchant portal? If you're an account admin, you can add additional users while in ‘Account settings’ by selecting ‘User management.' There, you can input new users’ information and send them an invite to enter the portal. Now all users can send customers a link to apply and stay up-to-date on outstanding loans.