How can I ensure that my customer confirms their financing purchase?

Wisetack sends reminders to your customer to confirm the financing application via email and text message.

For customers who misplace or lose the application link sent to them, a new link can easily be copied from their application details and shared with them at any time via email or SMS.


copy link.png


For those who may not need a link but would like their offer to be locked in by confirming the job is complete, a payment request can be sent from the merchant portal at any time. You can do so by selecting the financing purchase in question on the Applications page, then selecting the Request Payment button.


 Payment Request.png


When a payment request is sent, the customer is notified that payment is due and reminded to return to the application to confirm their financing option.

Pro tip: train your team. They should know to instruct the customer to confirm and release payment while in-person and before leaving. Once the customer confirms, you will receive an email letting you know that the purchase is complete.